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  1. Your Car Is The New Gadget

    Over time, multiple mechanical functions are taken up with hydraulic and electronic replacements. The power steering, anti-lock braking, adjustable suspension, fuel injection, multi-terrain drive trains and automatic transmissions are examples of this evolution. In many cars today, electronics systems exceed 35% of the total vehicle value. The car is a network of interconnected electronic perip...

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  2. Ok Google, is it getting chilly?

    Aren’t we spoiled rotten with Google Voice and Apple Siri? NEST went a long way with the thermostat. In fact, it went far enough to interest Google! Devices are developing serious IQ, while we look at them to do the legwork. This solution, which raises the thermostat temperature when you feel ‘chilly’, is a part of a larger conspiracy – Smart Cities. Apparently Grandpa d...

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  3. Digital signage for the age of connectivity with Snapdragon processors

    Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor

    This post was first featured in Snapdragon Blog authored by Danielle Jackson.


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  • Digital Signage gets Interactive, Intelligent and Personalized with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processors from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc

    Last week I came across this video on the new trends in the digital signage ecosystem. There are two major trends that make this phenomenal change in the way we absorb advertisements. One, the digital signage is interactive. Also, here is another viral ...

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  • eInfochips Shortens Development Time for Embedded Developers

    A few months ago, my colleague Ketal Gandhi posted about the work our new licensee, eInfochips, had done in porting a video conferencing app to Linaro Linux. Using the  Qualcomm™ Snapdragon® 600 processor, th...

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