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Industry Based Solutions

Connected Camera Solutions

The Snapdragon processor has grown beyond just powering advanced mobile phones, and can now be found at the core of a wide range of smart products and connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT), including appliances, kiosks and digital signage. Snapdragon’s suite of hardware and software solutions is designed to give what your customer’s need to help get the most out of devices powered by Snapdragon processors.

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IoT Solution

eInfochips possesses over two decades of device (things) experience, managing their life cycle, serving a multitude of business cases across various end applications including smart city, wearables, industrial automation, retail automation and augmented reality (AR / VR).Our proven technical, process, and infrastructure capability spans across the IoT value chain including sensor modules, M2M devices, gateways and servers. eInfochips Qualcomm Snapdragon based Eragon modules accelerates how product companies may develop smart devices.

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Signage / Security

Digital Signage Solutions are becoming interactive, intelligent, and personalized.
Moving beyond indoor displays and outdoor video walls; digital signages capture
real time data and offer personalization.Interactive billboards, for instance,
enables collection of data from various sensors, especially in public places.

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Automotive and Infotainment

With tens of millions of connected vehicles in operation globally from more than 15 leading automotive manufacturers, Qualcomm continues to develop and enable the underlying technology that allows automakers and their suppliers to create the next generation of connected cars with in-car telematics.

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Security Surveillance

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ is one of the first processors to support UltraHD / 4K
Resolution for greater image clarity, and supports camera designs for high
performance applications.

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Robotics and Drones

The days are not far when robotics,drones and automated smart machines will become a part of our household and workplace. The powerful features of Snapdragon processors enable us to develop smarter robots with computer vision, sensors, machine learning, navigation and wireless communication.

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In Flight Entertainment

Strong awareness of standards compliance, product knowledge and process maturity has enabled eInfochips to become an integral part of customer organization to deliver product design solutions from concept, through detailed design and analysis, to manufacturing support.

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Consumer Video

Multimedia and broadcast solutions include various formats for Video, Audio, Images, Speech, Text and Sounds! We work on capture to consumption cycle for content, across many applications like Television and Broadcast, Mobile and Console Gaming, Digital Signage Displays and Video conferencing solutions.

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Industrial Automation

With a multitude of sensors available for integration into communication standards, machine-to-machine (M2M) Communications is the need of the hour. Connectivity brings intelligence and data-driven automation to industrial equipment, leading to improvements in operational efficiency and industrial safety.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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