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eInfochips 820: EIC-Q820-210

eInfochips 820 development kit (EIC-Q820-210) is based on eInfochips 820 SOM powered by Snapdragon 820 processor. The main aim to kick-start solutions requiring 4K, connectivity, high-end graphics, power and battery efficiency, along with solid processing power. This will be an ideal choice for 4K cameras, displays, UAVs and drones.

Quantity -
SOM PART Number EIC - Q820-200
Interface High-Speed B-B Connector
On Board Peripherals
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth 1 x On chip Wi-Fi + BT antenna, 1x External Antenna
GPS 1x GPS (optional mount)
RS232 Board Debug
UFS UFS 2.0 32GB
eMMC eMMC 5.1 (16 GB Optional)
SD SD 3.0 (UHS-I)
SD 1x microSD Card Connector
USB 1x OTG or 2x Host
HDMI 1x Type A
Serial Expansion Connector 4xI2C, 2xSPI, 2xUART, 5xGPIOs, 2xMI2S, 1xPCM
Camera Connector 1x 2Lane CSI 2x 4 Lane CSI
Display Connector 2x 4 Lane DSI / 1x8 Lane Dual DSI
JTAG For testing & Debugging
Additional UARTs/SPI/I2C/GPIO
Audio Codec WCD9335 Audio Codec - 1x Headset - 2x Stereo Speaker - 1x Earpiece - 6x Analog Mic, 3x Digital Mic - 2x I2S Interface on header
OS Support
Linux Yes ( planned )
Android Android Marshmallow 6.0
Windows Yes ( planned )
SoM Interface B2B
Dimensions (W x L) CARRIER – 110mmx85mm
Supply voltage
Digital I/O voltage
Ambient Temperature Range 35 to +80°C

eInfochips 820 System On Module Block Diagram


eInfochips 820 Technical DatasheetDownload

Hardware Reference Manual Download

Secure Downloads on Technical Portal

Chipset Details

Quick Start Guide

Software Package: BSP for eInfochips 820

Software Reference Manual

1. What are the accessories available?
Please refer Accessories tab.
2. Does the board support a cellular or GSM connection?
The eInfochips 820 does not include support for a wireless modem. Third party cellular modem dongles can be connected to this platform via USB ports and may require special drivers from the respective manufacturers.
3. What are the capabilities of the video Decoder/Encoder?
  • Video Encode
    • H.264 BP/SP/MP
    • MPEG-4 SP/ASP
    • H.263
    • VP8
    • HEVC Main
  • Video Decode
    • H.264 BP/SP/MP
    • MPEG-4 SP/ASP
    • H.263
    • VP8
    • VP9
    • DviX 3.11/4/5/6
    • HEVC Main
    • HEVC Main 10
4. How to use ADB along with some USB device?
ADB over Wi-Fi may be used if USB device and adb both are expected to work simultaneously.
5. I have purchased eInfochips 820 board without LCD/HDMI board, How can I verify my board is working or not?
USB/UART debugging is available to access eInfochips 820 control.

Note :

"Specifications are subject to change without notice. Not all features listed may be supported in software. All brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Qualcomm Snapdragon, Qualcomm Kryo, Qualcomm Spectra, Qualcomm Adreno, and Qualcomm Hexagon are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc."

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